My Success

I spend way too much time thinking about the areas of my life where I fail. I compare myself to others and begin to feel like I don't measure up. If you are honest, you can admit to doing this too. What I'd like to challenge myself to do, instead, is remind myself of my successes. The areas of my life where I have conquered and stood victorious. The times when I saw my potential and went beyond it. Those moments when I was cozy in my safe bubble and dared to take that step out of it. If I did a side by side list, the successes far outweigh the failures. That's pretty cool.

I think it also takes some re-configuration of how I (we) view what our successes are. How do we measure it? By comparing with others or looking within ourselves? Human nature is a tricky beast it is! Well, I like to also think that all my successes were not by own strength or power. Sure it took MY decision making skills and MY desire to step forward, but that extra push came from Someone so much more powerful than myself and I am forever thankful.

All supplies are from the October kit Achievement at Scrapbooking from the Inside Out.

Love the colors and texture of the Oxford collection by Basic Grey!

I continue to experiment with mixing my titles. This layout uses my handwriting with alpha stickers. I used the star as a base to help it stand out and be balanced.

So how do you measure your successes? Want a chance to WIN our kit? Head on over to the Basic Grey blog today and share with us and you just might win! :)