Craft Show One of Two

I only signed up to do two craft shows this year. I keep going back and forth with the feeling of regret and thankfulness. Haha! I do love this time of year and, call me crazy, but I do enjoy the frenzy of it all. I actually enjoy sitting and chatting to folks for 8 hours and selling my wares. It's kind of the ultimate test to see if all my hard work truly paid off. Plus, it gives me an excuse to create more for the next year. :)

I know many crafters like to know about craft fairs. Lots of questions I get are about what sells good, how do I price, how do I display, etc. So I thought I would share photos of my table for you and chat about what I am selling this year.

First my table display. I really found that simpler is better. No need for lots of decor. Otherwise the product gets hidden and overwhelmed. So I opted for a white table covering with a green accent. I love the way it looks!

A little closer you can see some of my inventory. Almost every card I've made over the past year is for sale. I kept all my favorites to give. Got to have my own stash. :)  This year I had my usual altered composition books. These are always a hit. Actually, last year I didn't sell very many but the year before and today, the sold like hot cakes. I also had altered frappucino bottles filled with hot cocoa ingredients. Usually, these sell really well too but I only sold one today.

There are also some altered frames, canvas and a wooden tray. Let's step a bit closer...

My mom found these really cool plexi glass display holders. Not sure what the actual intention is for them but they work perfectly for my A2 sized cards. This year I also did some altered boxes (you can find them at Michaels), marble push pins, some magnet paperclips and I forgot to make marble magnets! Yikes! Thankfully, I had a few leftover from last year and they were gone within the first 10 minutes of the doors opening. Wish I had remembered to make more!

Here's a close up of the cocoa jars. Some jars had cocoa mix that already had marshmallows in it so I added some little candy canes. Other jars had cocoa mix and a bag of marshmallows. I had candy canes sitting on my table for kids to take but I also figured folks could take them with the cocoa jars.... IF they had sold! The price was $3. Super cheap I think!

My composition books were $6 each. To make these I simply paint on Mod Podge, stick on the paper and then embellish. I also cover the back and inside flaps. Target use to carry a manufacturer that left the inside covers blank but they switched last year and they all have those measurement things. I guess they aren't bad but for what I do with them, not everyone wants the conversion charts.

I was selling these little boxes for $1 each. Made them with my Silhouette. I've had them for the past two years and noone ever bought them. This year they disappeared. :)

Some mini composition books for $2.50 each. These are another item that haven't sold in the past. I usually end up keeping one and giving the rest away as gifts but this year I had two left. Woohoo!

Close up of Christmas Cards. I had two displays of regular cards and one display of Christmas cards.

Close up of my push pins.

So each year is very different. My very first year composition books flew. I latched onto that and decided that would be my "signature item" for craft shows. The second year they went like hot cakes again and maybe a few of my cards sold. I sold out of my cocoa jars and had to make more for the next craft show.
Last year, hardly any of my comp books sold but my cards went like crazy. I had empty spots in my display. It was nuts! I didn't do the cocoa jars but I do the magnets and push pins every year too which always sell out.

This year, composition books were popular, my cards were popular, half of my push pins sold, if I had remembered to do the magnets I know they would have sold, my mini comps sold, altered stuff sold... it was a VERY good day! So even though the cocoa jars didn't go, I still made out very well. This year I added all the altered frames and canvases. I might come down in price on those for the next show but I had lots of people look at them.

Craft shows are so much fun and they are a LOT of work! I'm always up until, at least, midnight a few nights before and leading up to the big day. As exhausting as it is I absolutely love it. Christmas is my favorite holiday and I've always loved the bustle... not necessarily the hustle... but I definitely love the movement, excited chatter, smiles and everyone seeking out ways to GIVE to those they love.