Happy Birthday Dad!

Aren't we cute?
Today is my dad's birthday and I'm so happy to celebrate a man who encourages the goofy part of my personality. That photo of us pretty much sums up our silliness and humor. It floors me that in this photo he is about the same age as me. Probably a year or two older and yet he still looks "older" to me. 

So happy birthday dad! I know you always say you don't want or need anything so instead of a gift, I thought I'd celebrate you on my blog! :)

In honor of my daddy's special day I'm featuring a birthday card post over on ScrapStreet. To see some super cute cards especially for dads, head on over by clicking here.
In the meantime, I'll be having a fun giveaway beginning tomorrow on my blog and then... *gasp*  it will be DECEMBER with a new reveal at SFTIO and so much more holiday fun! Can't wait!