It's the Hair

Sometimes I wish I had photos of my hair all the way back to high school. Sorting through all my photos I really don't. Which is a bummer. Because if I did I would totally do what those celeb magazines do and create a time line of all my hairdo's and colors. I do remember settling on auburn for awhile and keeping my hair shoulder length. Gotta admit it was fun being a red head. Then, I chopped it off, grew it out, chopped it off, grew it out, chopped it off, grew it out and ... well... you get the idea. Each chop was a slightly different take from the first and I usually got it colored at the same time. I was red, light brown, brunette with blonde highlights and at one point bright red with blonde highlights and brunette lowlights. It was AWESOME! Don't know if I could get away with it again though. Hmmm.... ;)

I dug into my photo stash from just the past couple of years and I still do change my hair quite frequently. Not as dramatic anymore but I definitely seem to have different hair every few months. I love playing with different styles. And while the coloring has slowed down quite a bit - I didn't color my hair for four years and just recently went a dark auburn brunette color - I still am brave enough to try something should my hair stylist want to experiment.

I created this layout using the Sketch Challenge #4 over at Lily Bee. I absolutely LOVE the Memorandum line. I can't stop creating with it and while I'm not a mister, there is something about Lily Bee papers that make me want to step out of my comfort zone. I like that!

So how about you? Do you like to try new things with your hair or do you keep with one consistent style? Do you like to try new things and go against the grain or do you listen to what your friends and family have to say?

Have a great Monday!