Let Go and Let's Go

We all have a past. Things have occurred in our lives that we regret or wish hadn't happened. Sometimes those things have made us better and sometimes they weigh us down. We carry the burden because we think we have to. "It's part of who we are" we say. But honestly, I've come to a much more reasonable and healthier resolution. Those things from our past that weigh us down, that speak negatively to us in our heads, that make us feel unworthy - we don't have to keep them around. They don't have to define us. Thank goodness!

The past couple of years have been a very defining time for me as I come to realize this truth. So while the awful things that happened to me as a child have definitely molded me into who I am today (a lot of good things too!) I will say that I don't have to let it define who I am. I don't have to play the "victim card" and I don't have to feel less human. So it's all about letting go and getting on with life. Not stopping and wallowing, but celebrating who I truly am and not allowing the negative to define me.

That's what this layout is all about...

All materials are from the November kit - Connection - at Scrapbooking from the Inside Out.

Beautiful Amy Tangerine products are part of this kit including that gorgeous fabric paper. (A subscriber bonus for new subscribers.)

The word stickers from Authentique provided a fun opportunity to add some interest to my journaling.

So how does this layout relate to the theme of Connection? Well, I decided to take an opposite spin to it. I want to disconnect and move on and weave a new story. :)

How about you? Anything you'd like to sever ties to? I know that's a deep question but share if you want to!