Midnight Madness

I have no photos to share.

I apologize for any typos but my fingers are still numb.

I can't feel my toes.

My nose is redder than rudolph.

My hair is flat from wearing my hat.

My eyes are dry from wearing my contacts for too long.

And I'm wound up.

This was my first experience going to line up for a midnight opening for Black Friday. I arrived at Kohl's about 10:30 p.m. Thursday night and the line was already around the building. Not too far though. Just around the corner and the front door of the building wasn't too far away. I'm glad I got there when I did because by the time the doors opened it was much, much, much, much, MUCH longer.

For an hour and a half I did things to keep myself busy since I came alone. I checked Facebook, played a game on my phone, checked my email, called my mom and chatted with the folks around me. Lots of Canadians. Several had come down and stayed at a hotel, which is pretty normal. Everyone was so friendly and happy. Some guys from a rugby team were walking around selling cookies and brownies for $1. Another group of folks from a parcel company were giving away coupons and free hand warmers. Even though I bundled up, my hands still froze so I gladly took some.

I got to learn that the group behind me was sharing a few bottles of beer and trying to down it before getting to the front of the line. Hmm... The gals in front of me were "midnight shopping virgins" like myself. So that was fun. Every once in awhile the line would move forward just a tad and everyone would cheer. Which then made us all laugh because, of course, the doors weren't open yet! But several of us found ourselves at the front wall which was nice because the wind was horrible on the side of the building... and COLD!

FINALLY it was midnight. Cheers erupted. Everyone was so excited to get in where it was warm. Some had to go to the bathroom and were sharing that with the world. And walking into the building was just like the movies and what you see on T.V. It was nuts. People were RUNNING in the store. Or speed walking. These shoppers (including myself) knew exactly what they wanted and made bee lines. It was hilarious.

I wanted the towels that were on sale. They were ridiculously cheap and while I knew that they would still have some in the A.M. I didn't want to take my chance. I wanted them fresh! So I grabbed and had my pile. Headed to the line and paid and was back out the door in five minutes. Seriously.

When I left, the line was still coming in. People were still arriving and giving me the thumbs up for my amazing shopping skills. Yes. I was quite pleased!

It was a fun night.... er... morning? I'm not sure what it is anymore.

Would I do it again?

Most definitely?


Because I actually liked and enjoyed the community. Everyone was excited and happy. People were letting others go ahead of themselves and cheering each other on. Besides all that, I saved a TON of money! So nice for my budget this year. :)

So now what am I going to do? Take a nap for a few hours and head back out for the next whirlwind.

Sears opens at 4 a.m. after all. :)