My Parents

I've backspaced several times this morning typing up this post because I'm not really prepared to share certain things. One day I will. :) But for now I'm focusing on my parents and how entertaining it is to see where our similarities and differences are. What I love and what drives me nuts. I think I can speak for most women when I say that we kind of dread becoming our mothers. Although, my mom isn't so bad. She's funny, wise, smart and creative. I wouldn't mind those characteristics at all. My dad is silly, stubborn, out spoken and out going. I don't mind those characteristics either.

All three of us have our faults, our disagreements, our not so good characteristics but at the end of the day we are family and we love each other. I do enjoy the times we get to spend together and go on little excursions. It's just the three of us. While I do long for a larger family (we actually have a quite large extended family that doesn't get together anymore), it's kind of nice and cozy to have just the three of us.

For this month at SFTIO the kit theme is focused on Connection. It was therapeutic and healing, in a way, to do this layout focused on how I connect with my parents.

For this layout I used the papers from Crate. We are featuring Farmhouse in the kit this month.

Canvas tape! How fun is that? I decided to stamp on it for a little embellishment.

There is a fun typewriter stamp set from Maya Road in the kit. I used the Versafine ink (also included in the kit) and did some "kissing". Such a fun technique!

And the journaling.

Are you close with your parents? Is there a "parent"- like figure in your life that you connect with?