What has gotten into me?

Perhaps it's the fact that I suddenly get to play with beautiful digital kits! I can see why digital scrapbooking is so appealing. No mess to clean up. Product I can use over and over. Portable. Yep. I can see why many switch. But I never will. I love the tactile feeling of traditional scrapbooking and art. So, I will do both I think because there is a time and place for both. Now I can say I do traditional, digital and hybrid. Ha! Plus, it's making me explore Photoshop a bit more and I've learned that I seriously need an upgrade.

Tonight I decided to play with Jen Martakis kits and a template.

:Click image for supply details:

The story that goes with this layout is truly a sweet one. I knew Jen's name in the scrapbooking world for the last year or so. One day I was browsing the Nikki Sivils blog and my mouth dropped open. I saw a photo of my friend Kirsten's baby Ewan. (You can click here for the Team Ewan blog if you are not familiar with the story.) I freaked out and emailed Nikki and then Jen emailed me to let me know that several of her friends created scrapbooks using Kirsten's photos to create a beautiful tribute to sweet Ewan. Wow. How cool is that? This is why I love scrapbooking and the people I have met along the way.
I got to see the scrapbooks in person and they are gorgeous. None of us had a dry eye by the time we were finished. Jen and her friends left spots for journaling so that Kirsten to record on the pages her thoughts. So when I found out that Jen was going to be at Summer CHA this past year, I knew I had to meet her! So happy I did and got to chat for a bit. 

Seriously love this hobby and art form!