Cute Little Treat Box

Before I begin, I wanted to answer a question asked by JulieJ in the comments from my last post. She made an observation that I make lots of cards and wondered what I did with all of them. Well... They all end up in a box. LOL Actually, I submit a lot for publication and for ScrapStreet. I also like to bundle them up and give as gifts. My close friends always are welcome to come pick and choose from my cards too. I also store up an inventory for craft shows. That way I'm not cramming for cards in November. But I do have quite the box full of them right now. I'm seeing some donating and giving away coming soon. Which just adds to the joy of creating all the more. I love giving my cards away! :)

I've been playing with my Silhouette Cameo quite a bit since I got it. Love. This. Machine.
If you need to be enabled to purchase this machine, just ask. I will have no problem telling you all the reasons you need one. If you are trying to save money and don't need one.... you might want to steer clear of any blog posts pertaining to the Cameo. Ha!

I'm not one to typically send out Valentine's treats but I'm going to this year. How can you now when you can now make larger treat boxes with the Cameo???

How adorable is that little thing??? It will work perfect to stuff full of with some Hershey's Kisses.

Super easy to make too! One of the things that got a bit tricky was the actual folding part. I thought I would share how to fold the top lid. It's a two stepper. Also, if you choose to do this shape, you might want to choose a heavy patterned paper or cardstock due to the nature of the fold.

Here it is with the top open:

Fold the flap without the tab over first, pulling (gently) the heart handles through the slit:


Fold the flap with the tab over, pull heart through (gently) and then stick tab into side slit:

Some tips I learned with this one: If you use a heavy paper like I did, pulling the heart through won't tear unless you really yank on it. Be gentle but don't be afraid to pull. When you are ready to tuck the tab in, you either need some finger nails or something to help open the slit a bit more. It tends to fold in when trying to slide the tab in. Otherwise... SUPER easy box to make!

Here are the shapes I used:
Box:  3d_heart_handled_box_C01720_17986
Border: 3_borders_C00786_20509

All papers are from Lily Bee Design.

Here is another box that I just used the reverse side of the same papers...

Thanks for swinging by!