Happy Birthday to ME!

One of my favorite places to visit for inspiration is Pinterest.

Why there and not just do a good ole fashioned Google Image search?

Because it is more organized. I like knowing the sites are reputable and that I am finding ideas from like minded individuals. Also? Google sometimes gives me sketchy images. Ha!  And I love being able to repin the images for later use. Usually, I'll browse, pin and then go back.

I will also use Pinterest whenever I want to bookmark a site using the visual tool. That way, I'm saving it in my own boards but also sharing it with others. Can't keep the goodness to myself you know!

Today is my birthday... and I wanted to browse fun birthday ideas and inspiration to share with you. The source links will take you to the Pinterest page but you should be able to keep clicking to go to the actual web page the image is from. Hey... and happy pinning to you. :)

LOVED the cute idea for creating banners as the cake topper...

I'm always game for a cocktail and I LOVE this idea to put party sprinkles around the edge of the glass. How clever and fun!

Over the top? Maybe. But seeing this presentation, I am definitely thinking of some ways to replicate it in my own style. So lovely!

And what kind of post would this be if I didn't include a card! I am still loving this card made by Audrey Pettit that was in the July 2011 Card Corner Article for ScrapStreet.

Speaking of which, make sure you check out the Card Corner article in our current issue. There are some pretty awesome techniques to be shared and beautiful cards to gaze at. Are you a card maker? Always dreamed of being published? Click here to view our current calls and submit! You never know. :)