Hello from Anaheim! (Photo Heavy)

Hi everyone!

Boy am I so happy to be here in warm, gorgeous southern California! After leaving the cold northwest where little snowflakes were beginning to fall from the sky... this is fabulous climate to be basking in for a few days.  Day 1 of CHA is over and my feet are tired. But my eyes are so happy as they feasted upon lovely new pretties that are coming this season! Here are some photos... with some captions... but I am tired so I apologize for lack of content.

Loved the walk to the front doors of the convention center. Palm trees, sun, tropical flowers... this isn't northwest washington folks!

First stop was American Crafts... loving their new flowers!

POW paper! This is amazing stuff! I always hated glitter paper in the past because glitter would fall off everywhere. Not POW paper. And it works beautifully with the Cameo. :)

Another flower close up.

American Crafts also has a new pen release. They are alcohol base and blend. Let's say they are entering the competition with Copics. I got to play with them and love them. The price is much cheaper too. I can see a set of these in my future.

Amy Tangerine.

I was interrupted by my A.C. browsing when I spotted the lovely Ronda Palazzari! She guest designed for All About Me way back in the day and I've always been an admirer of her work. We chat here and there and FINALLY got a photo together.

Okay... back to American Crafts... look at these cool DIY Thickers!!! You can color them however you want to! In LOVE!

Dear Lizzy...

New Thickers from Dear Lizzy. Seriously in love with these...

Love this new collection...

More Amy Tangerine...

Always a sucker for paper flowers....

And now we browse Pebbles.

Rachel thinks the chalk looks like eye shadow. Hehe...

Corrugated alpha from Pebbles... LOVE!

Want more? Okay. These won't have captions so just sit back and enjoy. :)

Tomorrow night I'll share more fun photos! It always amazes me how many I have at the end of the day. That's a lot of editing folks!

Until then.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz