Hey Girl

It's so interesting to me how the highs and lows of emotion can happen so rapidly and dramatically. I chalk it up to being female. I can be riding on such a high, life is going great, nothing to complain about and then BAM! It can be something so stupid and trivial but it never fails - the negative seems to outweigh the positive. Note that I said seems to.

Because I know it doesn't.

What is that saying? You can hear so many positive affirmations or comments but that ONE puny, little negative one is the one that sticks with you and is the loudest. Why is that? It's so annoying! And while all of us need to hear words of affirmation, it is my number one "love language". So you can imagine the depths of dramatic despair I can reach. Yes... I'm quite dramatic. And loud about it. Those who know me in "real" life are laughing and giggling quite knowingly right now.

Alright... so why am I babbling about all this? Let's just say that 8 days into this brand new year I've already hit some valleys and peaks and it just caused me step back, dumbfounded, and laugh at my "femaleness". And I knew some of you can relate. Come on... it's okay... laugh with me. It's okay to laugh at ourselves.
And the other reason is that, after my dinner party last night with my girlfriends, it makes me even more thankful for them. Having that rock. That solid foundation, knowing that there are those in my life, who truly cheer for me, love me and will hold me accountable - in all things - both good and the bad. And I love them for it.

Of course, I made a card to give to that special friend in my life. Someone I can say "hey girl... I need a cocktail.. let's go!" Whenever I see the Trendsetter collection from Websters, I always think of the phrase "hey girlfriend!"  So I finally made a card to go with that thought...

The card shape was made with the Silhouette. Sorry I didn't record the file name. Too lazy I guess.

I had to dress up the lady's skirt with some Liquid Pearls.

Hey and don't worry about me. I'm at a peak right now. Quite happy and blessed and feeling ever so thankful for where I am in life. Thankful for the people in my life and thankful for a God who loves and values me dearly. :)

~ Mel