SFTIO Layout: Finding My Identity

Here's a little story that I think every single one of us can relate to. It's true that the jr. high and high school years are times when we are figuring out life. Learning more about who we are, confused but also secure, scared and yet still brave enough (perhaps even naive enough) to try new things, etc. Choices we made as youngins can make us flush or make us stand taller. Such a funny time of life as I sit here (halfway to 70) pondering such memories. (Did you chuckle at my age reference... I did...) ;)

 But I think our stumbles through life continue way beyond high school. I don't think we ever stop figuring out life as our journey continues to change. I can think back to the age of 21 and thinking I had arrived but also had much confusion. I hadn't faced my demons from childhood. The things that happened to me were devastating enough to warrant some good, old fashioned therapy. But I didn't know how to get there. Instead, I played different roles and put on "face". While I regret, at times, the choices I made; I'm also so very thankful for them. They shaped who I am. Many might think I'm this modest, quiet, "don't cuss in front of me" kind of gal but trust me... nothing really shocks me. I'm not naive. (So if we ever meet in person, don't feel like you have to speak cautiously to me...)

While I'm secure who I am in Christ now... each day brings something new. Only now, it's a bit different traveling this journey when I'm not putting on a mask. :)

I love the contents of the Individuality kit from Scrapbooking from the Inside Out. Whether you have a quiet personality or consider yourself loud and proud, everyone needs a little sparkle. Be proud of you who are and embrace everything... even the quirks. :)

A little bit of fussy cutting and the soft textured elements collide with the sparkly and bold.

Love, love, LOVE the Pow paper from American Crafts. You can use it in electronic cutting machines like the Silhouette Cameo and it punches like butter. The glitter is embedded into the paper therefore, it doesn't flake everywhere. On this layout, I used it as symbolism - letting a little bit of sparkle show as I was on the brink of allowing my true self to shine brightly and face my past.

Close up of the journaling and some of the layering.

Come explore YOU at SFTIO! It's a fabulous community with beautiful kits packed full of the latest and greatest. If you haven't scrapped yourself or maybe this approach scares you a bit, just come commune with us! Dip your toes in our monthly challenges. We're a fun group of women all on similar journeys of self-discovery and exploring our inner worlds!

~ Melissa