Simple With Love

I am all about "less is more".  I admire anyone who can pack on media, color, texture and the like onto their projects and still have it turn out amazing. While I love to try techniques and step out of my comfort zone (how else can we grow???), I come back to how I truly create. Yep... I'm a clean and simple gal. I love the clean lines, simple patterns, handmade embellishments and negative space. I enjoy having a place to rest the eye but then attempting to create little areas of surprise. Not always a success but fun nonetheless!

Thought I would share a super, simple card I made with some scraps from Websters. It's from the All About Me collection (LOVE!). Want to know how easy this was? Ridiculously easy. Strip of paper, strip of cardstock, punch and glue. Piece of cake.

Those fabric tags from Websters are such a fun element. The texture looks really cool and there are lots of possibilities. You can ink them,cut them, fray the ends and enhance them like I did with the sentiment. 

I ran the cardstock base through my Cuttlebug using the dotted swiss folder. Gives it a nice, soft and subtle texture.