Thinking of You

I love my negative space. I love having some place for my eyes to rest and not be overwhelmed with stuff. It's my style. Clean, simple, little touches of this and that. One thing I'm challenging myself on is using more pattern in the background. It's hard for me because I always feel like it's too much. Yet, I see so many designers get it right. They know just the right pattern to use. A nice, small, calm pattern that won't overwhelm but definitely gives their project that extra, perfect something. So I've been trying that out.

Negative space isn't just blank canvas. It can still be a pattern. A large chunk of it that isn't used. So that's what I've tried out with this card. A soft, subtle pattern in the background and the majority of it is still left uncovered. Negative space!

The flower is a simple handmade one that anyone can do. Three circles (any size you want), snipped with scissors around the edge; about half way to the center and then curl up the ends. Layer. And there you go.

What have you done to go out of your comfort zone? Were you surprised and loved it? Or are you quite content doing what you have always done?

Have a great Thursday!