My Fourth Love

This is not a crafty post. Just thought I'd throw that out there first thing. And before I get rambling, I think I'm going to label my posts according to the sub-title of my blog. Scrapbooking. Cardmaking. Life and More. This would be a "Life and More" type post.

I call it my fourth love. My first love is Jesus. My second love is my family and friends. My third love is this fantastic hobby. And my fourth love is my current job. I am extremely thankful for my job. In the current state of our economy, I know that I should feel BLESSED, honored and "on my knees" thankful to God for a job right now. Especially for one that I enjoy. And it's a non-profit of all things. Wow. Thankful doesn't really seem to measure up to the gratitude I feel right now.

In September I made a huge step career wise. It was huge to me because it involved "lowering" myself, so to speak, on the tier at work. I was the boss. In charge of all the teachers. Working in the office with okay pay. I mean, it's a non-profit childcare center so you do the math. :) I decided I didn't want to be a boss anymore. No longer feeling the passion. On the verge of hating my job. I missed teaching so much! So an opportunity arose and I grabbed it. It was a risk in that I was no longer the boss. How would the staff treat me? How would I treat them? And what could have been the most awkward situation ever, turned out to be wonderful! Sure everyone was kind of gentle at first, figuring out how to act around me and I around them but when we all realized what a good thing this was, it has now become such a fun experience! Now I get to go to work and PLAY! My little 12 - 20 month old kiddos are a group I would have never thought I'd be able to be around 40 hours a week. I mean, the youngest I've ever taught is 4 years old and the oldest is 12th grade!




And I don't regret one minute of my choice. :)

Have you taken a risk that, in the moment, was the scariest thing you went through but it ended up being the BEST thing you've done in a long time?