New Craft Area

This past Sunday I dove right in and redecorated and revamped my bedroom. New colors. New fixtures. New storage. I've been wanting to do this for a long time and have slowly collected things over the past year. Finally, I had the means to complete it.

Here is a before photo along with a link to a prior blog post about my craft space: I Sleep In My Scraproom

(Taken April 2011)


Yes I still sleep in my scraproom. Teehee! I was getting tired of the maroon color though. Too dark and dramatic. I wanted something fresh, calm, peaceful. Something to reflect the "STILL" theme I have going for 2012. Blue it is. And it works so perfectly because so much of my room decor has blue in it. Like that painting by Vettriano. I like it a lot better above the blue duvet cover now. 

I got rid of the tall plastic drawer thingies and moved my desk over so it's next to the dresser. I can still look out the window and get lots of natural light while I create. That cardboard thing hanging on the wall is for when I mist. I just had a nail already in the wall so that will be its home. Makes a nice conversation piece, don't you think? Ha!

A glance at the new space. I. LOVE. IT. All matchy matchy. Clean, new, organized. I love the "made for scrapbooking supplies" storage cubes. Best invention ever.

The desk itself hasn't changed much. I tipped my marker holder on its side so as to store my markers and pens properly. They say to have them on their sides so the ink doesn't pool at the bottom and the markers will last longer. I have always known this, but never had the space or idea to actually carry it through.

New white shelf from Target. Basket is from Fred Meyer. I kept these plastic drawers to help with storage. They look so much nicer on these shelves. I also changed to vertical storage for my patterned paper. That is on the bottom right. Makes it much more portable for crops too. I attend craft nights frequently so most of what I've done is so that packing is easier.

Zoomed in a bit to see. The drawers on the middle shelf contain paper and photo paper for my printer, 8.5x11 canvas, 8.5x11 cardstock, chipboard, and some stuff that is still waiting for a permanent home. The 12x12 drawers contain a divider and some office supplies (top drawer), 12x12 cardstock and the March kit for SFTIO. :)

The basket on top contains all my remotes for the TV and DVD player. And my stamps, along with acrylic thingies, are on top.

Pretty cubes! I collected these over the past two years whenever they were on sale and I could throw in the 20% off coupon. The timing always worked out wonderful. The last piece I used a 40% off coupon. These cubes house holders containing 12x12 sheets of stickers, chipboard, corrugated alpha (Jillibean), die cuts and rub-ons. They also contain heat gun, dymo labeler, smaller chipboard elements, photos, etc. The cube under my laptop contains my punches, stamp ink pads (in those clear bins which are from Target), various embellishments and brads, paper scraps, and two empty drawers. I know, I know... two empty drawers! Don't worry. I'm still shuffling things around. I just wanted to get thing put away in a condensed fashion so I could get a true picture of how much room I truly have.

This hasn't changed much. Still holds my flowers, buttons and paint mediums. I just now have it nailed to the wall and have added more jars as my collection grows.

A white board calendar. FINALLY! I have wanted/needed one of these forEVER. Hopefully I will keep on it so that I don't forget things - which, I am prone to do.

Isn't this cool??? Michael's has jewelry organizers for 60% off right now. I loved the pinks and blues in this one and thought it would be a perfect new way to organize my small embellishments. There is no rhyme or reason to where I put items in this thing. I love that they are in front of me now as I create. I always forget what I have when it is put away in a drawer.

The precious Camilla the Cameo has a permanent home. Yes. I named her.

I love that desk top organizer. Right now it contains things that, most likely, won't stay there. Except for the paint brushes.

Here are those tubs and drawer pulled out so you can see. Again, things will probably change a bit as I continue to see how much I really do have and how it will best fit. I'm also thinking about where I might naturally reach for something when I create. And will move accordingly.

You can also see to the bottom left how my Thickers and Alpha are organized. I got the bright idea from my friend Kai to use one of those 12x12 vertical storage pieces. The alpha fit side by side, will house the Pink Paislee alpha that are always packed in taller packaging AND my Thickers. AND it's easy to tote for crops. 

There you have it! My new craft space. I think I'm done. Although I would like to add a valance to my windows. Something blue and airy. Then it will be complete. Feels so weird to be done. To have everything I wanted and it to be clean and organized. My room feels bigger too and the arrangement makes sense. 

While I "sleep in my scraproom", this is my dream room. Yay!

~ Melissa