I have lots of "somedays". I could list them all here but I don't want to bore you. One of those "somedays", though, is to play piano proficiently. Not just reading notes and playing but looking at a chord chart and playing something with a band. Improve style. I can read sheet music and play Fur Elise with the best of them. But to actually just sit and play whatever I want to with a chord chart is something I've wanted to do for a long time. I envy those, on our church worship team, who play the piano and can just hear the perfect melody to play along with the songs. I know a lot of comes with practice but there is also a natural talent. Just the right ear... I might have it. Now to just stay disciplined to practice. But where is the time???

A close up of journaling pertaining to this "someday" dream.

I'm a fan of feathers. They are a challenge for me but I still love them and figuring out ways to dress up projects. These flowers are a bonus for new subscribers at Scrapbooking from the Inside Out. I like the dramatic and artsy feel they bring to this simple layout. 

More detail.

Do you have a someday?