Thankful for the Lessons

So all this week I've been house sitting.

It's been awesome to get a taste of living completely by myself. I don't mind it but I do miss social interaction that comes with having roommates. Pros and cons to both but I've learned that I can survive by myself. Never thought I could and I can.

House sitting has also revealed something about myself that is fairly new, I think. It's hard for me to live outside of my routine for any length of time. Especially when it's everyday routines. For example, a vacation I would totally be fine being in a hotel, going about my days differently because it is a break from the routine. But house sitting - well, I'm still doing my everyday things, going to work, house work, sleeping, etc. but it's in a different environment, using things that aren't mine and in an order that's not what I'm use to. At first, it's okay but then I start realizing little things I'm forgetting. I guess routine has become very important to this, self proclaimed, organized spontaneous person!

I'm thankful when I learn new things about myself. Sometimes I'm just in denial because I kind of liked how I went about certain tasks or reacted to situations. It's not bad to be so routine oriented. I don't think I'm completely Type A.... yet.... so that's a good thing anyway. :)

And in the spirit of giving thanks for these moments, I have a Thanks card to share with you using *gasp* big surprise, Lily Bee and SRM Stickers.

The rosette turned out a lot taller than I had planned. It's sticks out about an inch from the card. Hmmm... how will that fit in an envelope? LOL I'm thinking this will be a card slash gift tag in its own right type of card! Haha!

What kinds of things have changed over time for you? Do they surprise you? Are you embracing it or denying the changes?