Courage is...

I don't handle pressure very well. There. I said it. No taking it back now! I always put on the face that I work well under pressure. That I like multiple tasks and being busy. Well, truth be told, I don't react very well to too much. On the outside I'm very well composed. I'm told all the time how calm I am and how thankful others are for that. But, little do they know, on the inside I am reeling. It is so hard for me to remain gracious and kind and patient with others when I am overwhelmed, stressed out and about to break something. Ha! I am learning I really do like order. A schedule. I like to know what is going on and make sure that a plan has been laid out. One thing at a time. Perhaps two things at a time but I must tell myself to not pressure myself to get it all done. Do well. Be kind. Be gracious.

I really like the quote I found for this layout. COURAGE is GRACE under pressure. I guess it depends on what kind of pressure you are under. If it's your own fault for creating so much work, then I don't know where the courageous part fits in. Perhaps it's just admitting you might have taken on too much? Or just admitting something in general?

When I thought of this quote, I thought of the times when I've had to step up. To get out of my comfort zone or maybe it was when I needed to defend or stand up for something I believe in. There is a lot of pressure to go along with that. And when others are pressing in against you, it's easy to lash out. But I do want to exude grace. That is definitely something I want to work on.

The layout has hidden journaling that is tucked under my photo. I used a little canvas flower as a tab to pull it out.

This layout was so much fun to create. It definitely took me on a journey outside of my comfort zone creatively. I'm not a mister or painter. But one day, at work during nap time for the kids, I had this vision in my head and topic for a layout. On my lunch break I sketched out what I was thinking. That night, this layout came to be and it was exactly how I pictured it in my head. LOVE it!

Some technique notes: To create the white paint mist, I simply mixed together some white acrylic paint and water in a spray bottle. The bottle has a fine mist which made it fun to spray on the paper. There are lots of layers and dimension on this layout. Some of the papers I didn't glue all the way down on purpose. I wanted them to stick up. I like the symbolism behind that - not being held down and still looking beautiful. :)
I cut the triangles for the banner on my Cameo, adhered with pop dots. The jute (not part of the kit) is adhered with Glossy Accents and glue dots.

Come explore GRACE with us at Scrapbooking from the Inside Out! It's such a lovely kit and especially lovely emotion this month!