A Distant Relative?

I am my families historian. I am so intrigued by history and I especially love learning more and more about my ancestors. I love finding out where I am from, where my "mother land" is and who I am related to. What I have found out is I am pretty much all German with little nuggets of Irish. At first, it was pretty boring finding out who my ancestors were. I went as far back as I could on my dad's side of the family (both paternal and maternal) and it just listed off German ancestors. On my mom's side, however, I found out something especially interesting. It was on her dad's side of the family. As I clicked on the little leaves on Ancestry.com (they give more hints of additional, potential relatives), I kept going back farther and farther in time. Pretty soon, I found myself finding someone in the 1500's. Wow. And she happened to be the sister of one of Henry VIII wives! Whaaaaat???

There you have it folks. I'm royalty by marriage and Henry VIII is my great, great, great, great, great uncle... er... cousin?? in law. Not sure if I need another great in that list but you get the idea. Haha! 

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What surprising things have you learned about your heritage? I'd love to hear about it!

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