Grace Like Rain

If you have visited my blog long enough, you know that my faith plays a huge role in what I do. Not just in my day to day life but also in my crafting and creating. While I don't think that I'm the best at this stuff, I do feel that God has given me the passion and desire to create and use my hands this way... so I want to glorify Him and bless Him with what I make.

Why am I sharing all this? Well... it's just to give an idea of what goes on inside my head when I begin an Inside Out layout. There are times when I see the topic and emotion the kit is focusing on and a worship song immediately comes to my head. That's what happened with GRACE. I thought of "Amazing Grace", of course, and a few others. One that wouldn't leave my head is a song called "Grace Like Rain". That link will take you to the You Tube video if you so desire to hear it.

Have you ever heard a song that just hits you in the gut? Takes your breath away and you have to sit down because it is speaking into your life right NOW? Since I know lots of you may not share my faith, I know it could be any song. Does music to speak to you that way? You listen to the words and you feel that little lump in your throat forming and things just kind of turn into an emotional puddle. But it's not a bad puddle. It's actually a great puddle that you could roll around in for awhile.

Ok.. maybe puddle isn't the right picture I want to use... LOL How about a cozy blanket?
Or a nice, hot, amazing shower?

That's what I pictured with the phrase Grace Like Rain. Regardless of your faith, we all know what grace is. We all need it and we all should give it. What would happen if there was a downpour of grace?

Here is a close up of my journaling. 

So... what is your "punch you in the gut" song at the moment? The one that you hear and have to stop what you are doing because the lyrics and melody are expressing exactly where you are at.