Nalla Sue

I've created layouts memorializing my parents cat Midge. Who was just as near and dear to me as any pet. She was with us a long time. But I haven't gotten around to creating something to remember MY cat. Nalla Sue. I still remember the day I went to the pet store with my friend Kari. It was almost on a whim but I knew I had wanted a cat for awhile and I finally got the go ahead from my parents. It was 1995, I had just graduated from high school and feeling oh so independent and grown up. ;) We walked into the pet store and made a bee line for the cats. I remember a black, ugly cat came bounding up to the window. Meh... didn't want a black cat. (And wouldn't you know that would be Midge, my parents cat???) So I continued to gaze into the caged area.

Then. I saw her.

She was so cute! A grey tabby hanging out in the back. Not because she was shy but because she just wanted to. I could tell by the way she was sitting back there. She'd bat at a kitten every now and then rolling or running in front of her. I liked her immediately so I asked to hold her.

It was love. The minute I had her in my hands she nestled up on my shoulder by my neck and purred. So, purchased her, got some essentials and off we went back to my house. As my friend Kari held her we toyed with some names. My favorite movie at the time was The Lion King. Nalla. It fit. When I said Nalla she looked at me as if she already knew it was her name.

Through the following 6 years we moved a lot. She became very bossy and wanted my full attention. If was I was reading, she laid on the book. If I was on the computer, she sat on the keyboard or my arm. If I was laying in bed, she practically laid on my face. And I loved every minute of it. I loved her bossy howl down the hallway. When I called her name she would come leaping and bounding. I loved waking up in the morning to have her curled next to me. It was like she was watching for me to wake up and when I did she'd purr, meow and nestle into my hair.

I finally had to give her up due to my living circumstances and just not being able to have a cat. It was heart breaking. At first I tried to find her a new home but no one needed or wanted a cat. So it was off to the humane society. My heart was broken. I still remember coming home bawling and wondering if I had done the right thing. I never called to find out if she was adopted. I wanted to live in my fantasy world that she was and did NOT get put down. Don't think I could handle the truth. Of course, by now she probably has passed away from age or is very old. And I'm thankful for the fond memories of my Nalla and it was time to create a layout. The problem was most of my photos were horrible, blurry, etc. So I scanned and edited in Picasa. Phew. Thank goodness for scanners and photo editing programs.

I picked out the Miss Caroline collection by My Minds Eye. The colors and patterns reminded me of Nalla. I wasn't sure of all the embellishments I would include so I just dug through my stash and took out things that had similar colors. I loved the March One Page Sketch from Sketch Support and knew it was perfect.

To start I'm trying to challenge myself. I haven't been a fan of pattern paper backgrounds because they overwhelm me. But I'm pushing myself creatively. And me, the self proclaimed non-mister, has suddenly gotten into paint splatters. I like how they help calm down the background.

I started to layout the strips of papers. I love how the colors and patterns in this collection are calm enough to put together like this. So beautiful!

At first I thought I'd throw in some of my flowers but I actually like the stickers from the MME collection. Playing around with placement here. Similar to the places on the sketch. Something I've gotten into is using the twine like a doodle. Ok... I actually got the idea from soaphousemama... Twine doodle. So genius!
Yes... I'm an idea stealer. ;)

The sketch included some stitching. I miss using my sewing machine and am welcoming the inspiration to use it. I use invisible thread in my bobbin so I don't have to change it every time I change the thread color.

Commiting to the design here. Everything is glued down. I used Glossy Accents to adhere the twine. Dries clear and little glossy smudges around it end up looking pretty cool. The only thing I don't like about misting and painting is how it makes the paper curl. Otherwise, Love the texture it adds!

And here is the completed layout. Isn't she cute? Nalla was about 3 years old in this photo. Sassy as ever. Taking over my bed. Loved it.

Since the journaling is hard to read I'll type it here for you too:
Nalla came into my life July 1995. A sweet kitten named after my favorite Disney movie. We bonded immediately. I loved her snuggles and how she would practically lay on my face. She owned me for sure! I never knew I could love an animal so much and it hurt so much to give her up. Not my choice. She was my kid. My sidekick. Always there. I miss you Nalla Sue!

Supplies: Paper, Stickers, Twine, Brads, Stick Pin, Button: My Minds Eye, Tag: Unknown, Paint: CraftSmart, Stamp Ink: Versafine, Pen: Zig Memory System, Tools: Stamp: Fiskars