The Good Life

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I have been in the education field for a long time. So many things I have learned over the years after teaching every grade level. Yes, I've taught ever grade level - except for college. Whether it was as a teachers aide, lead teacher or specials teacher (art and music), I've gotten to interact with kids age one through 12th grade. Some may want to know what my favorite age and I really don't have one. My answer lately has been, "my favorite is the one I'm currently working with." Which should be appropriate anyway because I want to focus on and enjoy the kiddos that are placed in my care now. My current age group is young toddlers. They are a delightfully stubborn group of 12 - 20 month old kiddos. Some days I come home utterly exhausted and so thankful that I do not have my own children. Other days they woo me and wish I could multiply them and take some home for myself. 

Something that struck a chord with me, recently, as I browsed my own childhood photos was how easy these kiddos have it. They have no clue what kind of scary world they are going to face as they grow older. One where people have to get jobs and cook their own food. They will have to wipe their own noses and use their words. Sharing. All those things that come as we age. And I'm not even going to go into the chaotic, mean world that is out there. I'll keep them sheltered a little bit longer from all the war and hurtful people and yucky news reports. Thankfully, there is still tons of positiveness in this world. One of my biggest prayers for these kids is that they would know Jesus. I pray for them each day as I drive to work and hope that they will come to understand what I have over the years. 

This months kit at Scrapbooking from the Inside Out is called Contentment. I thought it appropriate to record "The Good Life" from childhood. No bills. No job. Someone else did the laundry and cleaning. I got to sit in a swing, eat, poop and play. What a life! I don't know about you but I think I look pretty dang content in those photos.

I love how symbolic our kits are at SFTIO. The elements are all purposefully chosen in an effort to communicate our emotions in an artful manner. I chose the clock to symbolize time. The hanger with the heart - not only did it remind me of a whimsical childhood - but it also reminded me about how we seem to hang things up and forget about them. I kind of want to remember my childhood. The pearls and flowers add that wonderful soft and gentle touch that exudes "baby" and "infant". 

I know not everyone has fond memories of childhood. My entire childhood was not grand but I wouldn't mind going back to baby/toddler hood. Just for a day. :)