Hello Friend

Well hello blog friend!

As I'm typing this, I am feeling very blah. It's the ever so obvious signs of a cold coming on and I don't like it. Achy. Tired. Verge of a scratchy throat. So very rude for this to show up. I chalk it up to the back and forth weather we are having here. It was so lovely and warm and now it is rainy and.... wait for it... WARM! I am actually loving this Spring rain storm that is happening here. Here in the pacific northwest we do not use umbrellas but simply go out in our rain coats. And if I'm not heading somewhere important or where it's necessary my hair look good, I even go out with no hood. Which is what I did today. The rain felt so good.

Thought I would share a card I made with you today... tonight... whenever it is that you happen upon this post. I used the super fun and funky Amy Tangerine line from last year. I still have lots of it leftover and am slowly going through it. I love it so much!

I used a kraft tag from Jillibean Soup to act as a neutral element between all the pattern. Helps create a good place to tie a bow too.

The scallop on the bottom was created by punching three circles out, adhering to the back and trimming off the edges. Easy and fun to use up scraps that way. This card has dimension but fits nicely in an envelope.

Well... I'm off to get in my jammies. It's early for me to do this and I have things to get done but I know better. If I push it too hard this will turn out ugly.

What are some tried and true things you do to ward off that ever imposing cold? Got any tricks for when it's just appearing? Don't say Airborne! I actually GET sick when I take that stuff. Weird isn't it?

P.S. DON'T FORGET! Scrapbooking from the Inside Out is having a Design Team Call! Apply!