Is It Worth It?

The April challenge at All About Me is up today and we are challenging folks to scrap In the NOW. Taking the moment to stop and ponder about right now. What's happening in life? Your job? Your family? Circumstances? Emotions? Etc.  I, of course, decided to take it from an emotional perspective and also combined it with a layout for Scrapbooking from the Inside Out. The theme at SFTIO is contentment. It's uncanny how our themes correspond so perfectly with how I am feeling at the time. And it all just seemed to work together for both sites.

Do you ever feel like what you're doing just isn't worth it anymore? Sometimes you feel so beat up or you don't live up to your own expectations? A false interpretation... Constant need for affirmation... Yeah. It's fun to be human isn't it? And if you say you've NEVER felt any of this... it might safe to call your bluff and... I'm totally jealous. ;)

Regardless of these feelings, I know they are false but they are real at the time. I'm thankful to have a creative outlet to just let it all out! There is a freedom that comes with using art and in some ways, relieves me of the burden. And when all is said and done... it IS worth it!

Lots of journaling on this page! I appreciate that the background paper has lines so to keep it all looking even. :) 

Hope you find time to come join us at SFTIO and/or All About Me!