My Happy Thought

I grew up with lots of demons. Who doesn't, right? Whether we come from an intact family or separated; rich or poor; foster home or were around loving guardians; were sheltered or were visited by pain very early in life - we all have them. I think one of the demons that everyone can relate to on some level are our own self-thoughts. Let's be honest - women, from all backgrounds, have stared in the mirror and thought some untrue and unkind thoughts about themselves.

 During my childhood, I was considered unpopular. Always on the heavier side, didn't wear the name brand clothes and was often teased. Growing up around that definitely does a number on your self-esteem. Thankfully, I've grown out of most of that. I like to attribute it to my faith and knowing that God loves me, cares for me and never wanted me to experience that kind of pain. But I did. And it was up to me how to handle it. I'm much more confidant now but not arrogant. And I am still working on that self-image. How can we not when the media and our society continually dictates what "beauty" is? As much as we know it's not true, it still seeps into our brains. Thank goodness for scrapbooking! Ha!

I realized I forgot to share one of my layouts from last month using the March GRACE kit from Scrapbooking from the Inside Out. Absolutely adored this kit. One of the areas of GRACE I wanted to explore and record was my thoughts on beauty.

Before you decide to leave a comment giving advice or encouragement, please know that this layout is just one of the many ways I am journaling and processing this piece of my life. I share it with the hopes of inspiring someone creatively, encouraging you to use scrapbooking as your creative way to journal and also showing that you're not alone. We all struggle!

I like the idea of hidden beauty. Sometimes you have to dig and look behind things until you find the little treasures. That was my thought when hiding that blue sparkler behind the flower.

I love this verse from Ecclesiastes. True beauty is cultivated and it can be painful. Especially when it is inner beauty. I truly believe that TRUE beauty is something that happens within and then bursts forth.

Showing off some of the dimension.

More touches of beauty and sparkle. I love how the tulle gives off the symbolism on being gentle with ourselves.

And a close up of my journaling.

And guess what? YOU are beautiful too! :)