They Inspire Me

I love creative hobbies. Usually there is a group of folks who share your creative endeavors and use the opportunity to get together and craft. There's something special (and therapeutic) about being around others who share your creative passion. When my LSS closed a few years ago, I felt like a floundering fish without my "creative group". No one to go chat with who "got it". And everything was just taking off at the time for me. I was getting deeper into this industry and enjoying it more and more but didn't have a "homebase". That was until I went to my very first CHA and met my paper crafting "sisters".  Oh how wonderful it was! And now I look forward to this time each year. Two times a year I get to be around those who understand. They get it. And they inspire me to boot!


This layout is digital. I've dabbled in digi the past year and every time I don't like it. LOL But at least I give it a try, right??? I don't usually like the end result of my layouts but I like this one. I just love to get messy. And I like to mess up and try again. I love feeling the texture of the papers and the glue. Digi just isn't the same. But I can see its perks and I know there will be future digi layouts. It just won't be my go to! Ha! 

This layout uses brand new releases from Jen Martakis - Easter Morning and WhiteSpace Templates No.9-12.  I probably wouldn't try out digi if it wasn't for Jen's templates. They are my style and super easy to use. Even with my ancient PSE 5.0.  Yep. It's oooooold. 

Now that I got that out of my system, I'll be creating a couple of hybrid cards. Jen's new kit is super cute and is begging to be used with my Cameo! 

Have a great day!