A Layout and news!

Last week we had our online DELIGHT crop at SFTIO. It was a lot of fun seeing so many be inspired by the challenges and chatting together on the forum. I love the community we have over there. I decided to take part in a challenge that had us scrap using a word that is hindering us from true delight. It grabbed my attention right away, too. Because I definitely have a few words! I decided to go out on a limb with my layout. Our outside image, body type, size and such are such an issue. Especially with women. The media doesn't help it at all! I am overweight. I have been most of my life but I definitely have been in better shape. While laziness is definitely a factor, emotional issues from my past and growing up have played into this as well. And once it's on ladies, it's hard to get off! But I'm working on it. I've lost over 15 pounds since January and FEEL great.

Okay... so the word I chose was FATSO. I cringe when I say it but I wanted to use it anyway. It's a word I heard, quite often, growing up. It makes me feel gross and sad. So, why would I want to put it front and center on a layout? Because it's part of the healing process for me. I have to admit, by creating this, looking at the word straight on and declaring it to be a lie and stop stealing my joy... was a great process. Then, I went through the thought of, "do I dare share it on my blog?" Yes. Of course I will. You should all be very aware that I'm going to be sharing these kinds of things on my blog by now! ;)

There is a lot of sarcasm in this layout. The first one is my little note added to the woodgrain frame piece there. I hate that quote. (Sorry whoever designed this!) We are so not perfect. I realize that whatever this is trying to convey probably isn't trying to make us feel like we are perfect. I get that. But I hate saying this to anyone because... no you're not. You should never settle for "just the way you are". Each day should be about learning and growing and continuing to cultivate all that is you. And to say we are perfect? Nope. This is just too sappy and cliche for me. Hence the "blah, blah blah".  Because I've heard it a lot and I hate it. 

In your face. The challenge was to put the title in large letters. How appropriate for a word like FATSO.

I used lots of symbolism in this layout. The hangers represent still being hung up on this word and the twine, that eventually unravels below the photos, symbolizes that this is slowly becoming something I'm letting go. That I can see freedom in my site and creating this layout, journaling it and sharing it with you is just another step in that direction.

Another quote I HATE! What a freaking LIE! Whoever taught this to kids needs a spanking. Seriously. Words DO hurt. And no matter how many times you recite this stupid poem, they are still going to HURT. So what do we teach our kids? The truth. You tell that people are going to be mean and give them tools to work through it. Let them vent. Let them cry. Give them hugs. Tell them you love them. But don't tell them this stupid poem and sugar coat life. Help them to grow a confidence deep within so that when arrows hit them, like name calling, they can fight it easier. As a believer in Jesus, knowing Him and growing in the Bible and putting on the full armor... THAT is what has helped me.

Can you tell I'm just a little passionate about this?


Okay that was therapeutic. Thank you for going on that little journey with me.

Now... on to some NEWS!!!

We've got a NEW design team at Scrapbooking from the Inside Out. I'm so excited for this group of ladies that are going to knock your socks off and take SFTIO to a whole new level. They've got the wonderful "inside out" approach to go with amazing talent. Go check it out by clicking HERE and leave them some love!