Scrapbooking YOU

Over the past few months I've enjoyed reading comments on my blog that go along the lines of "I love your approach" and "You scrap about you so well", etc. I don't share this to brag; I share this because it's encouraging to know that what I set out to do a couple of years ago is definitely making an impact. Now, I'm not entirely sure if I would still scrapbook this way if I had children. I would hope that I would still find time to create a few layouts about me and my thoughts and emotions. The reality is, it's so hard to say when you don't live that lifestyle. I have no kids. No significant other. It's me. Naturally, that would be where one would take their scrapbooking IF they felt bold enough to do it. I admit, when I first created a ME page I was scared. The fear came from wondering how others might think. Would they think I'm being selfish? How dare I record ME. What about my family? What about my friends? After all, scrapbooking is all about documenting events and your heritage.

To that I give a big EEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHH. (That's suppose to be a buzzer sound.)

Honestly, scrapbooking is whatever you want it to be. If it needs to be your creative outlet, then so be it. If you want photos, put photos. If you don't, then don't. It's your page. Right? And who else is going to see it? Unless you are sharing it online, of course. Sharing publicly our layouts is a whole other issue too. It does open us up for criticism and judgement. It does bother me from time to time but I choose to let it slide because the page is MY page. And with the criticism also comes those who are inspired by it. I love that we all have different styles and tastes. What a boring world we would live in if we all did everything the same, right?

The reason for me to post this isn't because of anything happening recently. It's just something I thought worth sharing. It seems scrapping ourselves is becoming more popular. More women (and men) are acknowledging and realizing that it's important to record OUR story. And if I'm encouraging even just one person in that direction, then I think that rocks!

Recently I created a layout about my weight. I've never been a skinny girl. It's always been something I'm aware of about myself and have struggled with. But this past year a revolution took hold of me. I decided not to diet anymore. No more counting calories. No more giving up certain foods. I needed to become more active and think "healthy". So I park farther away from buildings now. At my job I'm much more active being around toddlers and I take them on a buggy ride at least twice a day up and down a hill. While I don't give up any foods, I think about the portions I'm eating. I drink more water. I don't weight myself.

However something happened. Back in January I got on the scale and said, "gross". About a month ago I got on the scale because I noticed my pants were loose. Thinking it was all in my head I looked down at the numbers and went, "WHAT????" I had lost 15 pounds yo!!! Talk about encouragement!

I chose a photo that I have of myself laughing. We all need a photo of us laughing. It was perfect to use for this layout because I felt sheer glee! I have not lost that much weight in a long time.

Joy. Yep. Total joy!

A design side note: The title is created with DIY Thickers that I sprinkled glitter on then coated them with Glossy Accents.

I used a ticket in this layout to symbolize the "ticket to getting healthy". It is all about being healthy. That's what I want. Losing the weight is a bonus!

I'm still losing weight. In fact, I bought a pair of pants that were a size smaller. They are a little bit loose in areas that use to be tight and it's not because they are stretched. I only wore them twice. Yeah baby!

I wanted to create this layout to encourage myself. To remind myself that I did it. That I can continue to do it! And that's what is so great about scrapbooking about yourself!

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