A Truly Delightful Day

Good Morning!

Wow. First of all, I just need to say how blown away I am by the response to my last post. You all made me cry. It is so heart warming to read your comments of support and encouragement. I know, sometimes, it may seem silly or careless to be so transparent on a blog where most don't even know who you are and it's suppose to be a blog dedicated to things of the paper crafting world - but I knew the story needed to be shared. And, you all are so great to come visit little ole me, I wanted to keep you in the loop.

So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for the sweet comments! It's a very exciting and nerve-wracking time right now. But I look towards this future with much hope and anticipation to all that God is going to be doing.

With that all said, I've only got a couple of months left here in the good old pacific northwest. My weekends are already filling up with coffee dates and such with friends. I want to spend as much time as possible with my friends before I leave. Chicago isn't really that far away nor is it expensive to visit, but I won't have the luxury of seeing these faces on a daily basis like I do now. This all is so perfect timing with a layout I created using the DELIGHT kit from Scrapbooking from the Inside Out. My wonderful sister friend Kaari and I had a fun, impromptu day in Fairhaven last year. Nothing was really planned except to walk around and play tourist. Pop into some shops we don't normally visit and then have a cupcake.

We went into a used music store and reminisced. It was a very nostalgic time for us and I almost bought a Milli Vanilla album. Then, we decided we wanted to do some wine tasting so wandered into a wine store we'd never heard of. Fell in love with some wine and I left with a bottle or two. After that, it was cupcake time! I wasn't super blown away by my cupcake but it was the company that mattered. And now this day is documented. :)

Mixing up the title. One of my favorite things to do! The black thickers were not in the kit but the SFTIO kits usually contain multiple alphas which make it fun for those of us who like to mix it up.

Textures collide! Some canvas with ink, soft twine and wooden buttons. Love the rustic and organic feel this gives. Very fitting for where I live. :)

And I've gotten back into stitching. My sewing machine and I had a talk not too long ago and I learned a lot. I can successfully wind a bobbin and thread it with no problem now. Go me!

Do you have a day with a good friend that keeps popping up into your head? Scrap it! You never know what life will bring you and you'll be so grateful to have something to look at and remind you of what a fabulous day it truly was.