Be True to You

If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you know my story. I'm pretty much an open book in regards to I am, what I struggle with and what I feel like I'm good at. Nothing wrong having confidence. ;) This month at SFTIO, our kit is inspired by the theme TRUTH. Honest to goodness, true to yourself, TRUTH. Included in this kit was lots of items with texture. I love texture. For a clean and simple scrapper, they add that wonderful little boost to my layouts.

So in relation to my story - I've shared, that during my high school years, I struggled with identity issues. You know what? What teenager hasn't? I think we can definitely all relate to that one! What a confusing time in life to grow up. So much coming at us and we're so naive. We really have no idea what the real world is going to be like but we think we do.

Anyway, all those identity struggles are still a part of my life now. It's like little bits of dust that are still sticking around and I'm constantly shaking them off. It gets easier, thank goodness. But it's still something I struggle with. And that's what this layout is all about. I used lots of texture, repetition and elements from the kit that exude hope and a gentleness. It's okay to write about what I struggle with. It's part of working through the process.

Love the shade of blue on these chipboard elements from Teresa Collins. So calming and peaceful. Almost reassuring.

Also part of the Teresa Collins papers we used, one sheet had a bunch of words with definitions. I cut out the 'life' one. I'll be sharing how I created that flower stencil on the forum at SFTIO tomorrow.

Close up of the journaling.

Love the symbolism that a bird can bring to my layouts like this. Even when it's a difficult or not-so-happy subject, a bird can signify hope. We all have to learn to fly and it's a life long learning process. We never stop learning.

Yummy texture!

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