Feeling uninspired

I have attempted to type out three different blog posts and I just feel so uninspired! I've got lots of stuff to share and that I need to share but to give my brain and mojo the kick start they need to type... well... it's looking a little bit bleak! Sorry for the lack of blog posts lately. Life is just crazy and surreal right now.

My move to Chicago is happening so quickly and things are falling into place... quickly... It's a blessing but also making me lose track of time rather quickly! Since sharing with you my story, I have found a place to live and have sold my car. This puts me into a place where I can completely concentrate on packing and saying goodbye to friends, family, my job and other commitments that I have locally.  It's emotionally draining. 

I'm thinking a layout is in order. :)  

Coming soon!

I promise to be back SOON with projects to share but wanted you to know, should you swing by here, that I'm here. Just feeling a little woozy by all that's happening... FAST!