Saturday, June 16, 2012

Five Truths

So I have a confession.

It is really hard for me to take a serious photo. For whatever reason, the minute I know the shutter is going to go, my face does weird things. Sometimes I'll do a fake serious face or my blue steel impersonation. I do smile. But it's hard to just do a regular smile!

The only problem with these silly faces is that sometimes I look "special" in my photos. Ha... I don't really care. So... the photo on the layout I share with you today will showcase what I do best in front of the camera. Also? My profile photo you see to the left on my blog sidebar? That's me on the weekends. During the week, my hair is not straightened. My bangs are pinned back. Working with toddlers is just too busy and exhausting to worry about how my hair looks during the week. Kind of a bummer because I really do like to make my hair look fancy.

All materials from the June kit TRUTH from Scrapbooking from the Inside Out.

Focusing on the theme of TRUTH, I wanted to do a layout with five quick blurbs that reflected my truths. Little things that make me, ME with no apologies. That's the beauty of an SFTIO layout... being the real YOU, through and through.

I went a little creative with the title work. Fits perfectly next to my photo. (Thank goodness.)

And there you have it. Five simple truths. I love Jesus. Yes I sure do! I drink way too much coffee. I haven't confessed how much to my doctor yet. Most of the time I look like I do in that photo. Work hair and goofy face to boot. And I believe in being real. The good, the bad and the ugly.

So if you were to do a layout showcasing five truths about YOU, what would they be?


Ashley H said...

Love your handwriting :)

soapHOUSEmama said...

that picture is adorable! And, love this LO :) Five truths about me? 1. I love Jesus 2. I also drink way to much coffee 3. I could eat buffalo chicken wings at every meal 4. I am allergic to alcohol 5. I have a thing for purple shoes

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Such a great page!
I worked with Toddlers five years right out of college and I loved it!
But I rarely "dressed up" to go to work.
I remember being a little offended once when a parent dropped off their child and I made an offhand comment about how I was dressed (sweatpants) that day.
She said "I'm not much better today and I am a professional".
Whoops! Seriously made me feel tiny even though I know she didn't really mean it that way.

Being a teacher is a professional job in my opinion :)

Hanna-Marie said...

hi, just looking around for some inspiration :-D