Getting Real Together

Happy Tuesday to ya!

Yesterday I took a day off from work so I could just focus on getting some prep things done. Things like, buying packing materials and diving into the frenzy of sorting through all my possessions. I also took some time to relax, drink coffee and create.



Not much creating was done but I still found time to do important things. It's all reality now. It's been reality but I think when I gaze at the bare corner and bare bookshelf in my room, the reality has really sunk in. Like all the way in. I'm almost surprised by the flux of emotions I'm going through. If one didn't know me or my story or my current situation, one would definitely assume I was bi-polar. Yikes.

Today I am back at work and sit here in one of my favorite coffee shops for my long break. I basically work a split shift at work. It's cool and it almost makes for a very long day. As much as I love where I work, I will definitely be glad to have a work day that's not quite as long. Or with such a long break. ;)

In the meantime, I've got a layout to share with you today. I haven't prefaced it with a story to relate to what it's about but I think it could still be connected.  My blog and my layouts are always about me. If you don't want to get to know ME, then this probably isn't where you want to spend your time. LOL But I also hope that I give some ideas for those of you who are seeking inspiration or ideas for creating your own ME type layouts. My best advice? Just dive in. Do it. Don't over think it.

I'm so thankful for a team of ladies to work with that scrap the way I do. This past CHA we all got to be together, roaming the floor of CHA and looking at all the new, beautiful product for upcoming kits. It was so much fun to look at product through the eyes of these gals. We don't just look at what we like. We look at each element and pattern and say to ourselves, "What emotion does this evoke? How can it be combined and included in a kit?" LOVE it!

For our TRUTH kit at SFTIO, the colors are soft, subtle and gentle. I think when we get into the nitty gritty of our truth, it's good to be gentle with ourselves. Honest. But gentle.

So much texture in this kit too. I fell in love with the burlap trim and that blue, pleated trim. And we also have my FAVORITE collection from Lily Bee this season! Buttercup is so beautiful! I had to buy more so I could make more pretties with it.

The layouts made with this kit will be the last with machine stitching on them, too. During my packing, I got rid of my sewing machine. It's just too big to take with me. I'll invest in a new one after I move.

The flowers were cut with my Silhouette Cameo. I have to have flowers and will make them with the papers if there aren't any or very many in a kit. Thank goodness for handmade flowers! :)
The button was a wood button that I painted over with Glimmer Glaze. That's included in the kit too. :)

Do you have a group of gals that you can be REAL with? Maybe it's a group who scrapbooks with you and has the same approach as you. Or maybe it's a group where you feel safe enough to confess your love for Justin Beiber. ;) Teehee...

Have a great day!