CHA Day 2 {Photo Heavy}

Is it really after midnight? Yes I do believe it is.

What a busy day again. CHA Summer has definitely quieted down since previous years. But I still look forward to it. Working at the show, this time, has thrown me for a bit of a loop. I don't have the entire day to see everything like before and actually use the three days to visit and look at the pretties.

It's interesting to find that collections I thought I loved online, are not what I thought in person. And vise versa. I think that's why I find CHA so valuable! Online photos just don't do anything justice.

Anyway... blah blah blah... want some more photos?

Me with some of my designers for SFTIO: Jen an Diana

Can I just tell you how much I adore this lady? Loved having chat time with Jennafer from CK. 

Pretty cute new collection from Cosmo Cricket.

I especially liked these embellishments from Cosmo.

Jolly Days by Cosmo.

CUTE new kraft butterflies and layered flowers.

New metal embellies from Maya Road. SO much cool symbolism with these!

More metal embellies. I have a little crush on those houses.

SUPER cool new bingo markers from Maya. LOVE the use of motifs on these instead of numbers.

These are very cool. Check out the layout below to see how the star was used.

Isn't that cool??? I always see these cool embellies and have no idea how to incorporate them. Love how the star was turned over and covered with color. Adds some awesome dimension and texture to the page.

These are the new colors of twine from Maya.

And some new Maya trim.

What visit to Chicago is complete until you visit the bean?

A year ago I stood in that same place dreaming of moving to Chicago. Now I can say I'm living that dream. Can't wait to create the layout using both of the photos!

Do I look like a city girl?

LOVE this sign!

And that's all from today. I really need to take some more photos of several other booths tomorrow morning and then Stacey and I are heading back into the city. A girl has to shop you know. :)