Too Much Cuteness

Lately, I've been hesitant to look at my Facebook page.

I cringe and anticipate with hopefulness at the same time.

Can my heart handle it again?

Will I succumb, once again, to it?

Oh please... oh please...

I blame her.

It's all her fault for having the most adorable baby girl I've ever seen in my life!


Can YOU handle this cuteness???

Photographer and Mama of this ball of cuteness: Kirsten Petermann

I used the new kit She Said by Jen Martakis. You can find it both of Jen's shops: Two Peas and Gotta Pixel. It is such a fun, girly, bright and cheerful collection. I absolutely adore it! While I'd love to do something hybrid with it, I'm trying not to bring out too much stuff as I continue to pack for the big move.

How could I resist scrapping that cute, widdle, goobery face???

Thank you Kirsten for lending me the perfect subject matter for this layout. You are one blessed mama!