Escape With Friends

If I was with you in person right now I would warn you that I might get a little bit teary before our conversation.


Because I'm about to tell you about two amazing ladies who appear often in my layouts. It seems one of them, or both, always fit perfectly with the emotion we are focusing on at Scrapbooking from the Inside Out. I'm so thankful for real, authentic and supportive friendships with these two gals. When I still lived in Washington, we would try, as hard as we could, to get together once a month for a girls night. We would always have wonderful conversation and a time to just let loose. These are ladies that I don't have to impress or submit to. We're one and the same and I love that. I can be completely ME and while, sometimes, I'm sure I'm not the most pleasant to be around, I know that these two aren't going to run away. I sure miss the fact that I can just get together whenever with them and I look forward to our first girls night out in Chicago! That is if they can both make it at the same time! ;)

Using the August ESCAPE kit from Scrapbooking from the Inside Out.

I think the journaling says it all. I don't think I need to add anymore text to that.

Absolutely LOVE that shade of blue!!! And the buttons... oh the buttons.

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Oh... would you like a little sneak peek of our September kit???