My Sweet Escapes

Oh hi there!

Remember me?

Good golly miss molly it has been quite a week! I got a new job and this week was my first official week there. I am the Head Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten teacher at a childcare center in the inner city. The schedule is nothing new to me but after not working for about two weeks, it's been a rough time trying to figure out routine once again. My first two days I came home utterly exhausted. Aching feet. Aching back. Aching legs. Am I out of shape? Well... that's a given. But I wasn't expecting to be this tired. I mean... three weeks prior, I was taking care of a classroom full of toddlers! How can this be making me so tired? It dawned on me it was simply because it's all new. New routine to go with everything else that is new. New city. New home. New time zone. New routine. New life. New job. It's all NEW! New way to get around everywhere. So I'm learning to be gentle and patient with myself. Yes... I have obligations and responsibilities. Yes... I need to be diligent about keeping up on them and figuring out my new routine. BUT... I also need to not stress myself out. To worry. To panic. To worry about what others are thinking of me. Everyone knows about this big move. So I'm trying to be gentle with myself.

It's hard!

Some things I'm looking forward to are getting back into the habit of doing those things that help me escape the "9 to 5" thing. My sweet escapes! What do I do? Well... paper crafting for one. That should be a given. ;)  And I just happened to do a layout about these escapes using the August kit ESCAPE from Scrapbooking from the Inside Out.

Gorgeous palette of colors and patterns that help exude the feeling of ESCAPE. I did some symbolism and repetitive design in this layout. I have THREE sweet escapes. Can you see the other groups of THREE in my layout? Three chevrons. Three pennants at the top.  

Three doors. (Love this doors!) 

And three strips of journaling. There are my other two. Escaping into a good book and being around people are my other two escapes. Do you find it interesting that I like to be social and I see that as escaping? I'm an extrovert. Like... way off the scale extrovert! Sometimes I'll just go to a bookstore or a mall to sit and be around people and the energy they bring. I like the movement. I like to people watch. I don't necessarily need to be engaged with anyone. No one needs to talk to me but I like being around the vibe. Can you tell that living in a big city is going to be good for me? ;)


I seriously look forward to the day when I feel like I'm in a routine once again. I'm not committing to any new things at the moment. I think that's a pretty smart thing as I can barely keep up with what I've always had on my plate. Thank you for your patience! I'm so thankful for those who come read my little old blog. You gals (and guys?) are the best! 

Tell me... what are your sweet escapes?