Soul Escape

Do you ever just need a break from yourself?

How does one do that? How is it possible to escape your own self? It's technically not possible but I do believe it's very much a possibility to focus on other parts of your brain. Sometimes the voice inside my head that likes to plant little seeds of doubt and worry gets too loud. I have to run away from that voice. Quiet it down with other thoughts... positive thoughts... encouraging and hopeful thoughts.

No one likes to feel worried. So why do we allow that part of us get so loud?

This past week I fed into some of my worry about doubt. I've been job hunting and noticed that I was beginning to wonder what September would be like if I didn't find a job soon. How was I going to pay rent? What in the world was I thinking when I made this move without securing some income??? What will everyone think about me now?

I quieted those doubts with the reminders of all that has happened to orchestrate this move. Each event has happened in Gods' perfect timing. And I was able to escape those doubtful thoughts.

SO freeing!

This layout was created using the brand new kit ESCAPE from Scrapbooking from the Inside Out. This emotion can go in so many directions and I thought it perfect and fitting to record these thoughts of mine. Taking me, myself and I on a soul escape.

Something I don't do very often... some creative ways to journal. I loved using the zig zag to hand write my thoughts.

I love the light and hopeful symbolism butterflies bring to my layouts too! 

The negative letters were cut with my Silhouette Cameo using the Cafe Rojo font. I've been seeing this technique pop up on layouts a lot, lately, and had to try it out. Love the look it gives!

Want to come explore Escape too? Come join us at SFTIO! The kit is GORGEOUS! I still have leftovers and keep thinking I wouldn't mind escaping away to my craft table with a margarita and create some more. :)

P.S.  I found a job! Yay! So excited to continue on this journey. :)