Don't Ask Why

For the next few weeks at church, we are diving into the book of James. I love this book of the Bible. There is so much to learn about trials and why we live in a world that is full of them. There is the question, "Why do awful things always happen to good people?" Well... are we really "good"? I mean... we all judge, we all make choices that aren't the right ones and we all need a slice of humble pie. We all do! But I get where people are coming from with that question. In the news, we read about people who try hard to do best in their life but, it always seems the awful things happen to them. Last week, we were challenged, at church, to not ask WHY but ask WHAT? Don't ask "Why did this happen to me"? Instead, I'm being challenged to ask, "What could you do, through this, in me?" It's a hard question to ask because my knee-jerk reaction is to cry out WHY? WHY ME??? What a cool and unique opportunity, though, to ask the "what" question. It definitely sucks going through trials. I've been through many. Some that have stolen my innocence and naivety. That comes with growing up, for sure. However, I will admit to having those longings for "not knowing"... for thinking that certain things didn't exist or certain events didn't or couldn't take place... but they did and now it's time to ask God "What?"

Created using the September kit INNOCENCE from Scrapbooking from the Inside Out.
I chose this photo of myself because I like the symbolism it brings. I'm looking out over the water and I like that it gives off the feeling of thinking. Of looking out into the horizon and the possibilities. Asking the question "What?" provides the opportunity to seek out the next step... to move on... I like that. 

From a design perspective, we had some beautiful trim from Maya Road in the kit. I created a flower. By simply placing a piece of bling in the center, it adds to that softness. The glimmer from the bling symbolizes hope, to me. 

DIY Thickers! I have a love/hate relationship with these things! I love that I can make them any color I want. But sometimes I want them to be already made for me. I'm just lazy! I'm not giving up, yet. The glitter was fun to use and I love the sparkle it brings to my layout.

And a close up of the journaling.

These layout has left me feeling hopeful! Asking this question, when life is rough, is going to be challenging but I like the feeling within myself much better than the feeling of despair.