Can I just tell you how much I love Chicago?

I do miss my friends back in Washington quite a bit. Actually, there are several things I miss but, overall, it's not a feeling of "homesickness" or wishing I could move back.  I like to refer to it as "fond memories". I am definitely feeling at "home" here in Chi-town. It is coming very easily.

Recently, I had the joy of joys meeting Nicole. She just moved here, too, and we are both hungry to connect with new friends and go out and do things. A recent "thing" was to attend the Renegade Art Fair. This takes place all over the country and, believe it or not, I had never heard of it before. I know, right??? I'm an artist and crafter and I've never heard of Renegade. Gee. But here we are in Chicago, big city land, and we get these fun events. I was thrilled to finally go OUT and do something! Okay... wait.. I shouldn't put it like that because I had been out before. I do have friends who live in the city and we have hung out. I think I just keep saying that it was my first weekend with these kinds of plans because it was with new folks and actually going to an event.

We had so much fun! There were artists and crafters from all over the country there. In fact, one booth was a bookbinding company out of my hometown. Too cool! Bellingham represent!

Blick had a booth where you could make a free tile art. I still need to bake mine! There was also a fun photo booth put on by  Of course, we had to stop there and get our photos taken!

Booth after booth was filled with so many interesting and creative things. A guy had created bracelets and magic wallets out of old, hard book covers. Some gal had created super cute, crocheted, scarves that you attached with a cute little clip. I was inspired beyond belief!

I used lots of Jillibean Soup product for this layout. Love, love, love the colors of the Neopolitan Bean Bisque and it looked great with my photos. The Art Fair was very colorful and I wanted that exuded on my layout. I also did something with this layout I'm just dipping my toes in - and that is using a pattern for the background. With some paint splatters, I really am digging how this layout turned out!

If you live in or near a city that the Renegade Art Fair stops in... GO!!! You will have so much fun. :o)