What a Hoot

Have you ever had a photo taken of you when you were laughing very hard?

They are not very pretty photos. Why? Because, usually, when you are letting out a gut-bursting guffaw, your face is squished so far into your chin that you've suddenly added to your chin family. Eyes are super squinty and mouth is all askew. Or maybe you have such a beautiful face when you laugh! Lucky you!

Sometimes I have a problem sharing those photos of me. Even though it's capturing a very happy moment, I'm just always pleased with the "frozen in time" laugh-face. BUT.... but.... heck... it's how I look when I'm laughing like that and people see that face. Even though it isn't frozen, it's still the face they see. So why not? It's time to get over my silly issues with it all and share the dang photo because, gosh darnit!!!! I'm HAPPY in it!


Told you.

It ain't pretty but, oh my heavens, I love that moment. I love laughing that hard! It feels so good!

Did you notice something about that layout? It's digital! *gasp* I usually try creating a digital layout when my printer ink is low and hybrid projects have to wait. But I wanted to use this fabulous NEW kit by Jen Martakis. Aren't the colors awesome? And there is so much more to the kit. Go get yours HERE at Two Peas in a Bucket! My favorite out of the whole kit are THESE. Love them for digi and I know they will perfect for hybrid projects too. 

So... to my friends who had a three day weekend... how are YOU recovering? I thought it was Monday all day. Messed up my head!