Dream Big

Two months.

Two weeks.

Two days.

That is when I got off an airplane at O'Hare International Airport.

And didn't get back on for the return flight to Washington State.

And I haven't regretted it one bit. What started out has a dream, has now become reality. I had daydreams and thoughts of what life would be like in Chicago but I had no idea how madly in love I would fall in love with this city. At the same time, many of my "honeymoon" inspired thoughts of the city have been tossed out the window. Thankfully, those thoughts were coupled with the knowledge of reality and that things might not be how I envisioned them.

This layout was created using the new JOURNEY kit from Scrapbooking from the Inside Out. It is such a gorgeous kit. There is lots of product from the Everyday Eclectic collection from Echo Park Paper Co. I love this collection so much and it goes so perfectly for documenting a layout about Journey.

The map I used on this layout is actually from an old sheet of paper from Little Yellow Bicycle. I think it was from 2008. I hung onto it because my hometown Bellingham, Washington was on the map. It's rare for Bellingham to show up on these maps. Especially on a sheet of scrapbook paper! So I had to save it for a layout. I almost threw it out several times and, now, I'm so glad I didn't.

To subdue the shiny and bold colors of the map, I mixed a little bit of water with gesso and painted over it. I left the gesso off the Bellingham and Chicago parts of the paper. I love the idea of using this paper in place of a photo. Seriously one of my favorite layouts.

Adding just the right layers and embellishments help complete this journaling page. You can see in my journaling that I made a few boo boos. But that's the beauty of an "inside out" layout. Throw perfection out the window. It adds that much more character, don't you think?

So... if you had this kit in your hands... what approach to JOURNEY would you take, on a layout?