Just sharing

Good morning everyone!

Wow... I have really been neglecting my blog. I gotta get some photos taken because I have been creating a lot. But now that daylight is at a premium... ugh. That will be my mission this week!

In the meantime, I had the distinct pleasure of helping my friend Connie with her blog. She wanted to change her header and create a more streamlined look. I truly believe that you are capable of "branding" yourself with your blog. By using colors, themes, images and the like, your blog can be uniquely yours. Connie loves things vintage and earthy. Totally not my style! So it was a challenge to pull together something but, in the end, she loves it. And that's all that matters. It was good for me to break out of my comfort zone, too.

This is her blog header:

As seen on the blog Crafty Goodies

I had Connie send me links to blogs that she loves. I looked at the overall design of the blog and tried to imagine what it was that she enjoyed. As we began experimenting with some banner designs, I realized that she is vintage to the core! But also really appreciates clean lines and good design. That put the pressure on for sure. We also had a Pinterest board going. We pulled some inspirational photos that exuded the color and emotions she wanted to portray. I'm such a visual person so it was nice to draw inspiration from the photos. 

We are still not completely done. We've got to add a post divider and she wants a signature for her posts. But once those are done, she'll have the perfect blog that reflects CONNIE! And do go visit her blog. The woman is crazy talented! I am by no means vintage in how I create but when I look at her stuff, it makes me want to try. 

Have a great day! And be safe on this Halloween!