Meet Bob

Meet Bob.

When I lived in Washington, I had the distinct pleasure of volunteering at a local coffee shop ministry. The purpose of the shop was to reach out to the downtown crowd. We would have lots of folks from the street come in for coffee; which they got for free after doing a chore. 

I love making coffee for people. I love chatting about life and learning about where people are from and what their story is. We had our fair share of regulars and one of those regulars is my pal Bob. I like Bob. He likes me, too. I would make his mocha every time I was working. He preferred my mochas too. Hey... I'm a mocha drinker... I know how they should be made. :o)
He always loved to drink from the ugliest mug. For awhile, we had this scary clown one that had a nose and all kinds of freaky details. Bob loved that mug. So, we'd hide it in the back of the cabinet to use when he came in. I always added a huge amount of whipped cream on top with a drizzle of chocolate. Maybe that's why he liked mine the best!

I miss working at this coffee shop. I miss seeing Bob every week and making his mocha. I miss hearing about his life and all the things he has seen and done. It's amazing how one, small blip in life can teach you so much. 

This layout is created using the October kit JOURNEY from Scrapbooking from the Inside Out. LOVE the emotion and LOVE the kit!

The flower is made from trim. So easy to create. Just roll 'er up!

Basic Grey yumminess and a close up of the journaling. Do you like my hash tags? Ha... (Yes I spend too much time on Twitter!)

SFTIO kits are the best! It's not just the latest and greatest... They are about being able to express yourself, your emotions, your thoughts, dreams, hopes and fears. I love working with these kits and focusing on the emotions each month. It's the best creative therapy and I'm a better person because of it.