We are all on a journey. Wouldn't you agree?

All of us have been taken through many adventures and trials and have grown from each experience. Some are ones we'd rather forget, some are ones that we'd love to cherish as long as possible and then there are some that, you think you would want to forget but, when it comes down to it, it was an amazing moment in life where you grew. Without that experience, as difficult and painful as it was, could have been one of the best things you could have gone through.

It sounds so wrong!

How can pain and loss be a good thing?

I'm not sure but I do know (and can remember) who I was before my friend Kirsten had her baby Ewan and who I was after he passed away. Ewan was on this earth a very short time but his story began in Kirstens' womb. We all knew about his heart defect when she was a little over 20 weeks pregnant. Kirsten knew that this life inside of her was going to do mighty things, so she CHOSE life for Ewan. I am honored... that is best the word I can think of even though it still sounds so puny... honored that I got to know and meet Ewan. What a very holy and amazing experience that was on this life journey.

The photo I took for this layout was one in the waiting area of Seattle Children's Hospital. I wanted to capture something that many can relate to. Waiting. Waiting for the unknown. Will it be good news, bad news or the same news? 

Is it possible to be in love with a kit? Seems silly to say after chatting in this blog post about life and death. But, I swear, the colors and patterns and elements of this kit are SO perfect for documenting JOURNEY. That is our emotion-focused theme this month at Scrapbooking from the Inside Out

I love that something so painful, can end up being something beautiful. While it is sad and tragic that we did not get to have Ewan on this earth longer than a few weeks, I will say that those few weeks were so profound. He brought many people together and I'm so thankful that God allowed us to see him, love him and be blessed by his presence for such a short time.