When I was browsing synonyms to the word Mindfulness, I came across the word Aware. I immediately began to think about how badly I do not want to all into a rut here in Chicago. I don't want to forget Who brought me here, why I am here and the possibilities. It's so easy to get caught up in the day to day routine.

So much led up to where I'm at today. I created many layouts, journaling my thoughts about moving to the Windy City. All the goals and dreams I had... and still have. Just the other day, though, I found myself falling into a routine. It was a routine that was not good. I suddenly realized that I was quickly falling victim to the daily grind. So, I looked back at my old layouts and journaling and was quickly jolted back into being AWARE.

This cityscape photo was taken on the Navy Pier ferris wheel. I tell ya what... I think it has a more spectacular view than the Sears tower or the John Hancock building. You get an entire view of the city skyline AND a view of the lake. It is breathtaking and just what the doctor ordered. Not only did I fall in love with this place again, the roots went deeper. I love God continues to break my heart for this city... a city He loves and so desperately wants.

I love how the banner adds some whimsy to the, overall, clean and simple design. Just some simple layers, some washi tape to ground the photo, wooden camera for some symbolism and then the banner... It adds movement and also seems to bring in some symbolism. I like how it is "holding" the word Aware. It won't let it drop. Which is my hope. I don't want to lose my AWAREness of where I'm at and why.

Anything you are MINDFUL of today? This layout using product from the November kit MINDFULNESS at Scrapbooking from the Inside Out. Come join us!