Oh Snap!

It has been awhile since I've created anything hybrid. The reason being that my printer ran out of ink and I just haven't gotten around to buying more. Until now. I have to say, it was very delightful to print out pretty papers and elements from a few of Jen's kits. Several projects I can't show you yet but I do have one that is very "seasonally appropriate".

I'm sure either you or someone close to you has come down with the wonderful Fall sniffles. I've gone through TWO rounds of stuffy nose and the cough. Thankfully, nothing has really hung on and I've been able to bounce back quickly. But it's still no fun!

I had a tube in my stash from SRM Press and thought, "how cute would it be to stuff that with some cough drops and create a get well gift?"  So I did it.

The patterned papers (hearts and tag), as well as, the heart circle element are all from the Oh Snap!digital kit collection, by Jen Martakis. You can find the kit at Two Peas by clicking here.

The black, polka dot washi tape is from KI Memories and the tube and sentiment sticker are from SRM Stickers.

Not that I WANT anyone to get sick but I'm really looking forward to giving this to someone. :) 

Hope you're week is starting off well! It is snowing (just a dusting) in Chicago! Yay!