I Feel Free

This month the kit at Scrapbooking from the Inside Out is called RELEASE. One of the words that popped into my head was FREE. Along with that came the knowledge of knowing people in my life, that I can be completely FREE to be ME. It really does feel like a release, when you are able to just let go and be the real you. To know that those you are around, aren't going to judge you or condemn you... even when you are a complete dork. 





Yes I am. Okay. I am a certifiable dork. Doofus. Goober. You name it. 

Beyond that, though, is the group of ladies in my life who share this passion of paper crafting. Most of you who read my blog are also paper crafters and so I know you "get it" when I say it feels good to be able to hang out with others who understand your passion for pretty paper. 

If you aren't a paper crafter, you can probably relate when you think about something YOU are passionate about and the feeling that bubbles up inside of you when you are around your kindred spirits. I love it even moreso because I don't have a "local scrapbooking store" anymore. I miss having an LSS because I could go in, shop and gab about the latest and greatest. 

Besides the "job" part of the CHA show (Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show), I do love being able to have the time to be FREE to talk all about this love. 

I placed the bird on top of the banner because I imagined in my mind how birds seem to jibber jabber on top of power lines together and fly together. I picture myself with these gals just yacking away about all things scrapbooking. 

I. Feel. Free.

Is it July yet?